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Bangkok design weeek 2021

Art Piece: “Anusorn Mah Hua Nau” (Memorial Out Cast)

Series: Illusion


For this piece of work, the artist would like to express on the current state in which people having an excess on their living necessity especially for clothing and technology. Human being has created everything and put valued on them based on their own hypothesis before it was neglecting to be trash with this world over the time pass. 


“Anusorn Mah Hua Nau” represent the abandonment in which the artist brings today’s fashion and technology as an argument whether there is too much necessity in our life with effect that left behind.  As the fact that the world of fashion and technology is moving fast, of course there would affect in product’s devalued, which later there would be some unused/unwanted waste left behind, creating the global problem such as global warming.  By this meaning, “Mah Hua Nau” is the metaphor in which reflecting our social issues and consciousness in today’s environment, stated by the artist.

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