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Collection : “Penthai” (Liberated)

All series created since 2016 - 2020

Series: My Son, Gray, The Shining, Criminal


I started to understand my predicament, to see the limits of my cage. I began to destroy this framing and as a result I became “liberated”. The paint used in this painting was water soluble pastel mixed with natural earth, some of it collected from sacred places and cemeteries. If it’s never been stated before let me just say that earth is earth, it’s just a natural creation. Earth and water were created before any living being. When life ends, we all return to the earth, to nurture plants and animals, as part of the cycle of life. Nothing is ours since the beginning; we presume and value things according to ourselves and society. Release yourself from the misery surrounds you, and you’ll be ‘liberated’.

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